Small Business / StartUp


Small Business / StartUP

We genuinely enjoy working with new projects and sharing the enthusiasm and positivism of entrepreneurs who decide to make their ideas a reality.However, when creating a new business, there are several questions that arise:

  1. Is my business plan adequate?
  2. Should I form a company? What kind?
  3. Where can I get funding or support for my project?
  1. How do I maintain efficient and rigorous accounting?
  2. When do I start paying taxes?

We are here to offer you a free consultation and to clarify all these and other questions for you. And we can also help you to register for tax purposes, set up a company or prepare an application process for a loan or subsidy.Once the company is established and in operation, we have a range of services at your disposal, such as accounting, human resources management and tax treatment, so that you are completely relaxed with administrative issues and 100% focused on the growth of your business.Contact us today and let us show you why our start-up customers prefer us.


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